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We Are The New Meta

$PLEB is a community driven token on the Ethereum network for the people by the peopleWe are unique by giving the people a voice and bridge to professional tier 1 web3 ecosystems

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Our Story

Launched in early 2024, and developed by a passionate team with one aligned purpose to help cultivate and grow a thriving community.PLEBZ is more than just a digital asset – it represents symbol of unity, resilience, and limitless potential, inspired by the social attachment to the people of ancient Rome.PLEBZ is open to everyone and invites you to join its ever-growing community of dreamers and doers. No voice goes unheard, and every contribution, no matter how small, is celebrated and valued.As PLEBZ continues to write its story in the tapestry of crypto history, one thing remains clear: this token is not just about financial gains or market trends – it's about the journey of discovery, the bonds of friendship, and the collective dream of a brighter future.So come, fellow PLEBZ, and let us embark on this adventure together as we chart a course towards new horizons and infinite possibilities.After all, in the limitless world
of PLEBZ, the sky is not the limit – it's just the beginning.
"We are all PLEBZ."

Anonymous Crypto Story Showcase

The PLEBZ TALES is an innovative platform where community members can anonymously share their crypto stories, experiences, and adventures. Whether it's a thrilling success story, a valuable lesson learned, or a wild crypto journey, we invite our users to submit their tales for a chance to be featured and showcased on our spaces with our friends and our mainstream media partner channelsBe heard.


PLEBZ leadership and community work hand in hand to deliver on growth to be truely unique in the growing competitive landscape of crypto

Phase IIObjective: Launch and establish the foundation for PLEBZ TALES, build strategic partnerships, and initiate digital marketing campaigns.Phase IIIObjective: Enhance existing utility with AI features,
add further utilities, expand partnerships, and increase community engagement and value.
Phase IVLong-Term Goals
Objective: Further enhance utility and monetization, establish staking rewards, and introduce AI features.



The blindfold stays on

"Disclaimer: The information provided on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered financial advice. Investing in cryptocurrencies carries inherent risks, and individuals should conduct their own research and consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions. does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided, and users should exercise caution when engaging in cryptocurrency investments."

Ready to share your crypto story with the world? Submit your tale to the PLEBZ TALES Crypto Story Showcase and become part of our vibrant community. Engage with fellow enthusiasts, vote for your favorite stories, and join us in celebrating the diverse experiences of the crypto world.


1. Submission Process: Users can submit their crypto stories anonymously through a form on our website or via our dedicated Twitter page. Stories should be limited to 200 words and must be original content.2. Verification of Holdings: To qualify for publication. Users must also provide their crypto wallet address, where team can then verify holdings on etherscan. This step ensures authenticity and prevents fraudulent submissions.3. Community Voting: Once submitted, stories will be published on our website and Twitter page for the community to read and vote on. Users can vote for their favorite stories, selected stories will then be showcased across the community.4. Scheduled weekly Spaces We will host a live Twitter Spaces session with the core team and PLEBZ friends, where we discuss the most compelling and engaging stories of the week. This interactive session allows community members to share their thoughts, reactions, and insights on the featured stories.5. Future Plans: This is just the beginning, and the foundations of PLEBZ utility. The team will be developing and enhancing the experience, and monetizing the content for all the community to earn and share.

Disclaimer for PLEBZ TALESParticipation in the PLEBZ TALES program requires users to submit their crypto stories and provide proof of crypto holdings for verification purposes. By submitting your story, you agree to have your content published on the PLEBZ website and Twitter page. All submissions must be original and adhere to the guidelines and terms outlined on our platform.PLEBZ TALES is intended for entertainment and community engagement purposes only. We do not endorse any specific financial strategies or investments mentioned in the submitted stories. Rewards are distributed based on community votes and at the discretion of the PLEBZ team.Please note that participation in this program involves the disclosure of wallet holdings for verification. This information will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of validating submissions. By participating, you acknowledge that PLEBZ is not responsible for any financial decisions or outcomes resulting from the stories shared within the program.For further information and detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the PLEBZ website.